Installation Service

For a worry-free and time saving alternative to installing your own doors and floors then our installation service is for you.

Our fully coordinated installation service can save you valuable time, especially when it comes to the more trickier aspects of fitting.

Our installers uphold the highest standards of trust, quality and craftsmanship and they are committed to carrying out there job professionally, efficiently and in a tidy manner.

Our fitting service also includes a free 5-year guarantee on workmanship and installation thus ensuring you can feel confident that your products will be installed to the highest quality industry standard.

Our service also includes a pre-installation visit to ensure measurement and order accuracy.

For more information please see in-store or contact us.

Prehung Door Sets

A pre-hung door-set consists of a door that has already been hung into its frame and fitted with its hinges, latch or lock.

These door-sets are the most straightforward way of obtaining a high-quality fitting result, and greatly reduce the complications often associated with on-site assembly.

These high-quality door sets are fitted together in a controlled factory environment where we precisely match the finish of the door, frame & architrave to our clients’ exact

Once the frame has been assembled and the door is machined to house the hinges and lock, our technicians produce pre-mitred architraves for both sides of each doorset.

As soon as each element of the kit has been carefully checked for accuracy, it is then assembled and packaged for delivery.